Snow Cab - ski transfers with carbon offset as standard

Snow Cab is famous for a great door-to-door service across the southern Alps, especially from Transport hubs like Turin, Milan, Grenoble, Lyon & Chambery. It is currently operating a high level of hygiene with high quality cleaning between each use and professional drivers with masks throughout their journey. What many may not realise is that they are also one of the most environmentally conscious transfer businesses in Europe. All transfers are carbon balanced (offset) with the NGO, World Land Trust, who offer innovative and extremely transparent offset options, in order to fully offset 100% of the emissions produced by our transfers. Already choosing to share a transfer in a minibus or coach is by far better than bringing your own or renting additional vehicles. Even better is to travel by train then jump on a carbon offset minibus transfer to your destination.

Snow Cab’s first priority is safety, beyond this it is about minimising their carbon footprint by;

  • Currently using vans that are all 85-90% recyclable
  • Delivering staff training on responsible recycling and cutting engine use to the minimum needed. All vans are fitted with driver controls to help train a leaner more efficient way of driving.
  • Where possible we are buying eco-friendly products for covid-safe clean downs
  • Engines that are the latest highest low emission standards with AdBlue antipollution as standard

Snow Cab’s MD Ben Hodson said: “We and our clients love the mountains and of course the wonderful snow. With the global pandemic people are forgetting the importance of also trying to tackle the ecological crisis. With average snow falls being hit globally, it’s important we all act. We are excited to continually look to find ways to lead in making our industry as responsible as possible. In our industry the margins are tight, however, we felt it was important to make the contributions for the carbon balancing ourselves and not pass it onto the clients.”

Snow Cab are already working hard to be a carbon neutral company now, but they are also working towards ambitious green friendly solutions for the future. The mid term goal is to have a fully electric transfer fleet, recharged by renewable sources. Until the battery and vehicle design catch up with their ambitions, Snow Cab will continue to endeavour to make the company as responsible as possible. Snow Cab is waiting and lobbying for hybrid/electric opportunities. Suitable options for the specific use case don’t currently exist but they will soon.

Further notes:

For those interested, further information on the carbon balancing NGO, World Land Trust:

Contact info:

Ben Hodson
[email protected]
+44(0)123 7669222