Booking with confidence

All of us at Snow Cab wish you and your loved ones well in these truly extraordinary times.

Like us, you may be looking for certainty in what is to come in the future with regards to holidays in the alps. We are working hard with our partners, local government, to provide reassurance to our clients and partners. Whether through flexible booking terms and conditions, bespoke travel arrangements, or financial guarantees. At Snow Cab we are working hard to look after your booking. Giving you peace of mind, so you can focus on getting excited and daydreaming about your trip!

Now is a great time to book, for all 2021/22 bookings we are offering;

100% refund for cancellations up to 31 days before the start of the holiday.

100% voucher for any cancellations within 31 days due to government restrictions.

(For use up to 24 months in the future). Full T&C’s here

We have reduced the cancellation charges and will work within all relevant UK and French law to ensure that we look after our guests with future situations and scenarios.

We will do our best to ensure that your holiday meets your expectations. Due to the ever-changing nature of the Covid-19 crisis, we may have to modify or withdraw some of the facilities and resort services advertised in order to ensure the safety of all. Whenever possible, we will notify you in advance, but sometimes at short notice.

Since the beginning of the summer, the ski resorts have been open and operating, albeit with a few new social distancing measures. It was busy with people enjoying getting out to the mountains and using private chalets and apartments for their families and groups.

As a business, we’re in a strong position. As you know, we are based locally in the alps and therefore have low overheads. We only commit costs when we deliver holidays and we have been working remotely long before it was cool. Therefore, we are not worried about being around for many seasons to come.

Some of the other new policies implemented by snow cab;

  • Social distanced staff accommodation and work practises
  • Transfer vans cleaned internally between each group and drivers with masks and hand gel
  • We are ensuring that all welcomes and departures are conducted with a socially distanced manner.
  • All staff will receive Covid-specific hygiene training and safety equipment (PPE).
  • All common areas or contact points will be disinfected in between all groups.

When travelling:

Everyone, including staff, is required to wear a face cover when travelling, in accordance with local regulations. You will need to bring your own face cover.

In some countries and regions, you may be required to wear a mask when in other public places, both indoors and outdoors. Check local regulations before you travel and bring some spare masks.

And remember that the best way to stay safe is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water and to keep a social distance from others.


Our drivers are COVID tested at the start of the season and regularly throughout to ensure their and your safety.
Each of our driving teams operate within their own ‘bubble’ and every precaution is taken to adhere to the current social distancing rules when not at work.
They are required to wear masks during all transfers and will use disposable gloves when loading and unloading your luggage/ski equipment.


All our clients are required to wear a face mask for the duration of their transfer to and from your resort and to use hand sanitiser before entering the vehicle.
Disposable masks and hand sanitising gels are available from our driver should you require them.

During longer transfers, should you require restroom facilities, our drivers will try to avoid using the larger service stations wherever possible to minimise contact risks for you and your party.

Through the Travel Vault, an ABTA partner we have payment protection, and at no cost to you, all guests booking packages with Snow Cab ( Ltd) are fully insured for the initial deposit, and subsequently, the full balance of monies paid.


All partner hotels and apartment blocks will be managed by their own local and professional teams, in accordance with the Covid laws of France. At Snow Cab we only work with carefully selected trusted partners and we have checked their standards personally.